Quality of Commute Program

In September 2014, the Port Authority Board of Commissioners approved a $90 million Quality of Commute program to improve on-time performance, upgrade the customer experience and enhance the condition of the terminal. In 2018, an additional $20 million was allocated to the program to continue the progress being made.

The priority capital projects fit into three categories:

  • Improving On-time Performance
  • Customer Service
  • Building Improvements

The status of Quality of Commute improvement efforts, as of May 2019, is as follows:

Improving On-time Performance

Operational Enhancements to Improve Reliability

Actions taken:

  • Implemented operational changes to improve “just-in-time” delivery of buses (3Q 2014)
  • Established afternoon/evening rush hour management team (1Q 2015)
  • Installed cameras to expedite 4th floor pull-through escalator restarts (2Q 2015)
  • Implemented bus gate efficiency reassignments (3Q 2015)
  • Constructed by-pass lane at ramps 97 and 98 (4Q 2015)
  • Implemented operational changes to prioritize P.M. peak eastbound bus movement through the Lincoln Tunnel (1Q 2016)
  • Implemented P.M. peak Gate Sharing pilot program (3Q 2016)
  • Constructed an emergency bus staging area and improved bus merge in the XBL (4Q 2016)
  • Completed construction of two bus parking and staging lots with occupancy by bus carriers (1Q 2017)
  • Completed XBL signal upgrades (3Q 2017)
  • Installed bus tracking system (2Q 2018)

Next steps:

  • Install over-height detection lane indicator signage system upgrades at ramps serving the Lincoln Tunnel’s north tube (2Q 2019)

Customer Service

Enhance Customer Communication

Actions taken:

  • Hosted quarterly Commuter Chats with customer surveys (ongoing since 3Q 2014)
  • Improved quality of e-Alerts and public address messages (ongoing since 1Q 2015)*
  • Improved cellular signal strength throughout the terminal (1Q 2015 - 2Q 2016)
  • Enhanced customer information kiosks (2Q 2015)
  • Provided Wi-Fi throughout the terminal (3Q 2016 - 3Q 2017)
  • Launched a Bus Terminal customer service mobile app (1Q 2018)
  • Replaced visual paging and master clock system throughout the terminal (4Q 2018)

Next steps:

  • Install Help Point call boxes (4Q 2019)
  • Install digital gate signage pilot in the north wing lower level (4Q 2019)

Building Improvements

Building and Building System Improvements

Actions taken:

  • Enhanced cleaning routines (ongoing since 3Q 2014)
  • Installed fans in all pull-through platforms (3Q 2014)
  • Installed supplementary A/C units in all 3rd and 4th floor pull-through platforms (2Q 2015 - 1Q 2016)
  • Completed priority leak repairs – Phase I and Phase II (2Q 2015 - 2Q 2016)
  • Renovated all restrooms throughout the terminal (2Q 2015 - 4Q 2016)
  • Installed over 100 new wayfinding overhead, directory, and egress signs (4Q 2016)
  • Replaced north wing 8th Avenue and north and south wing subway entrance doors (3Q 2017 - 4Q 2017)
  • Completed south wing 8th Avenue main level and south wing lower level ceiling and lighting improvements (4Q 2017 - 1Q 2018)
  • Relocated south wing 8th Avenue main level Newsstand from central corridor to a storefront location (4Q 2017)
  • Rehabilitated south wing 3rd and 4th floor unloading escalators (4Q 2018)
  • Rehabilitated priority elevators (4Q 2018)
  • Installed new escalator between subway and lower level in the south wing (4Q 2018)
  • Replaced south wing 8th Avenue entrance doors (1Q 2019)
  • Completed priority leak repairs – Phase III (2Q 2019)
  • Opened new elevator lobby on the subway level in the south wing (2Q 2019)

Next steps:

  • Install new stair between subway and main level in the south wing (2Q 2019)
  • Replace ceiling and lighting south wing 2nd floor (2Q 2019)
  • Create a Family Restroom on the 2nd floor (2Q 2019)

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