How to Become Certified

Become Certified

Application for certification

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey works with hundreds of Minority, Women, Small and Disadvantaged Business. We encourage you to make sure there is a match between the services of your firm and the needs of the agency.

The Application Process

The Application to become certified and renew a certification can be accessed  here.

Applying to become a certified MWSBE vendor is a simple online application, followed by supplementary paperwork. MWBE firms are certified for five years, while SBE firms are only certified for three years.

In order to be a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), you must submit an application package and a statement of personal net worth, with other needed documents. Once certified the firm is listed in the New York or New Jersey Unified Certification Program

We also require completed marketing data with all applications, the information is recorded and added to our MWSDBE directories. 

Architectural and Engineering firms must submit a specialty form, while construction firms must submit a reference sheet. In addition, to the application and the marketing data.

Renew Certifications

To renew your certification, all you must do is submit an MWSDBE recertification application.

Click her for the application to recertify

Vendor Registration

In order to receive solicitations for contracts, after you have become certified, you must register your firm with the Port Authority’s Procurement Department.

When completing the vendor registration, it is imperative that your firm’s services are clearly defined. To ensure your firm receives solicitation that are relevant to your scope of work.

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