Veterans Frequently Asked Questions

1. What job opportunities are available at the Port Authority?
How do my related skills and military experience translate
into these opportunities?

Individuals with military backgrounds work across the entire organization – at all levels. Veterans work in our line, business, staff and finance departments as well as facilities across the 1500-square mile Port District. To see what open positions exist at the Port Authority, follow this link to our Career Page’s Positions at the PA portal. We strongly encourage you to search for and apply to any jobs that interest you and best suited to your qualifications.

To help you best match your military experience, education and training with our workplace needs, you can refer to our basic Skills Translator, though it is not exhaustive of all opportunities.

Skills Translator
If you worked in: You might consider:
Personnel, Recruiting, Training Human Resources, Marketing, Training, Staffing, Compensation and Benefits
Networking, Intel, Communications Technology Services, Communications, Government and Community Relations, Human Resources, Public Safety, Security
Leadership positions Corporate Management, Project Management, Operations Management, Maintenance Management
Aircraft/Heavy Equipment Maintenance Facility Maintenance, Property Representative
Aviation/Maritime Operations Aviation Department, Port Department
Civil Engineers/Construction Engineering, Tunnels and Bridges, Traffic Engineering
Front Line, Operations, Support Operations Services, Customer Service, Public Safety, Security
Logistics, Procurement, Supply Chain Finance, Budget Management, Planning, Procurement, Contracting

2. Do I need a college, advanced or technical degree to be
considered for a position?

The Port Authority offers managerial, operational and maintenance positions, all of which require varying levels of education and technical skills. Depending on your technical skill or education, there may be opportunities within the Port Authority that will fit your experience and goals.

3. Does the Port Authority offer training? What about tuition

Yes. The Port Authority emphasizes in-house staff training as a valuable and important component of career development. Online and in-person training opportunities exist year-round. In addition, the Port Authority also offers a competitive tuition reimbursement program to encourage eligible employees to expand their education, experience and abilities through relevant coursework outside of the agency. This tuition assistance may be used to augment tuition assistance received from other funding sources, including the GI Bill.

4. How do Port Authority’s benefits compare to the military’s

The Port Authority believes in investing in its employees’ well-being and our comprehensive compensation and benefits program reflects that. Benefits include health coverage, a pension plan, tuition reimbursement, generous holiday and vacation time and a commitment to a strong work-life balance. Since the Port Authority is a participating member of the New York State and Local Retirement System (NYSLRS), and as such, Veterans may be eligible to either receive or purchase pension credit for their service time depending on eligibility and application requirements under different statues of law. For further information please visit the NYSLR’s website at

5. How does the Port Authority respond to military leave?

In addition to providing a comprehensive benefits package, the Port Authority accommodates military leave for eligible employees. We understand and value the sacrifice that military personnel provide to the nation, and we will support your service should you be called to active duty.

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