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Final EIS
Section 106 Executed Memorandum of Agreement PDF File Type 2.0 MB
Notice of Availability PDF File Type 780 kb
Final EIS Table of Contents
Volume 1 - Cover PDF File Type 119 kb
Foreword PDF File Type 291 kb
Table of Contents PDF File Type 45 kb
Executive Summary PDF File Type 1.9 MB
Section 1.0: Introduction PDF File Type 736 kb
Section 2.0: Purpose and Need PDF File Type 125 kb
Section 3.0: Alternatives PDF File Type 18.0 MB
Section 4.0: Existing Conditions PDF File Type 68.0 MB
Section 5.0: Environmental Consequences PDF File Type 52.0 MB
Section 6.0: Agency and Public Involvement PDF File Type 136 kb
Section 7.0: Permits and Approvals PDF File Type 47 kb
Section 8.0: GBR DEIS Public Comments/Responses Summary Report PDF File Type 724 kb
Section 9.0: List of Preparers PDF File Type 44 kb
Section 10.0: List of Parties Receiving the FEIS PDF File Type 43 kb
Section 11.0: Bibliography PDF File Type 150 kb
Special Note for Appendices in Volumes 2 and 3
Volume 2 - Cover PDF File Type 119 kb
Appendix A: Supporting Materials to Purpose and Need (Section 2.0) PDF File Type 5.4 MB
Appendix B: Alternative Actions and Screening Report (Task I Report) PDF File Type 3.1 MB
Appendix C: 2008 Update of Programmed / Committed Projects and Ongoing Planning Initiatives PDF File Type 316 kb
Appendix D: Land Use, Zoning & Socioeconomics PDF File Type 5.4 MB
Appendix E: Section 106 Consultation for Cultural Resources
E.1 Volume I: Historic Architectural Resources Study Report – New Jersey (July 2008) PDF File Type 6.9 MB
E.1 Volume II: Appendices to E.1 (July 2008) PDF File Type 11.0 MB
E.2: Historical Architectural Resources Survey Report – New York PDF File Type 13.8 MB
E.3: New York State Historic Resource Inventory Form – Staten Island Railway Lift Truss Bridge (May 2008) PDF File Type 1.3 MB
E.4: Phase I Archaeological Report (August 2007) PDF File Type 22.7 MB
E.5: Historic Resources Effects Assessment (July 2008) PDF File Type 8.1 MB
E.6: Historic Bridge Alternatives Analysis Report (August 2008) PDF File Type 8.3 MB
E.6: Appendices to Historic Bridge Alternatives Analysis Report (August 2008) PDF File Type 8.4 MB
E.7: Section 106 Correspondence PDF File Type 4.7 MB
E.8: Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) PDF File Type 1.8 MB
Volume 3 - Cover PDF File Type 119 kb
Appendix F: Visual Quality and Shadow Studies PDF File Type 2.4 MB
Appendix G: Water Resources PDF File Type 6.3 MB
Appendix H: Natural Resources PDF File Type 7.2 MB
Appendix I: Contaminated Materials Screening Report PDF File Type 577 kb
Appendix J: Traffic & Transportation PDF File Type 1.1 MB
Appendix K: Noise PDF File Type 2.8 MB
Appendix L: Coastal Zone Management PDF File Type 9 kb
Appendix M: Public Outreach and Scoping Meeting and DEIS Public Comment Period PDF File Type 6.1 MB
Appendix N: Air Quality PDF File Type 1.9 MB

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» Record of Decision (ROD) for Goethals Bridge Replacement Executed on January 31, 2011
» Final EIS (FEIS) Published in August 2010
» Preferred Alternative Selected – New Alignment South