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Overview - Goals

Given the purpose and need for the proposed replacement of the Goethals Bridge, the goals are to:

  • Address the functional obsolescence of the existing Goethals Bridge;

  • Address structural integrity issues associated with the aging Bridge;

  • Reduce roadway congestion and delays and enhance mobility on the Goethals Bridge;

  • Improve the flow of goods to and from Staten Island and in the NY/NJ Region;

  • Correct the inability of the existing bridge to physically accommodate transit services;

  • Restore and enhance pedestrian access and provide for bicycle access;

  • Implement measures to improve bridge structural security; and

  • Minimize environmental consequences of bridge replacement.

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  Steps in the Process
  NEPA Requirements
  Notice of Intent
  Scoping Process
  Purpose and Need
  Preliminary Alternatives
  Potential Issues
  Refined Project Alternatives for DEIS Analysis
  Study Area
  Cultural Resources and Section 106 Consultation
  Draft EIS Published
  Formal Public Meetings
  Final EIS (FEIS) Published
  Preferred Alternative Selected - New Alignment South
  Modifications in the FEIS Since Publication of the DEIS
  General Conformity
  Record of Decision
  Essential Fish Habitat
  EIS Timeline
  Additional Resources
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» Record of Decision (ROD) for Goethals Bridge Replacement Executed on January 31, 2011
» Final EIS (FEIS) Published in August 2010
» Preferred Alternative Selected – New Alignment South