The Office of Investigations has various programs to help the Port Authority maintain a corruption-free environment, including:

WTC Fraud Prevention Program

The WTC fraud prevention program currently includes: an Integrity Awareness Program, a partnership with other Inspectors General around the region, a specialized fraud hotline, our Background Qualification Questionnaire Package (contractor vetting program), a background screening program for contract employees and the use of integrity monitors.

Vendor Integrity Program

To ensure that the Port Authority is doing business with firms that possess high ethical standards and a record of law-abiding conduct, the OIG, in conjunction with other Port Authority departments, conducts Vendor Integrity Checks and background investigations of prospective vendors and contractors. To facilitate these Checks, vendors and contractors are required to complete a Background Qualification Questionnaire Package. (See Background Qualification Questionnaire Package links on right-hand side of this page.)

Integrity Awareness Program

The OIG has developed an Integrity Awareness Program for all Port Authority employees and consultants. This program trains staff on how to avoid situations of corruption, fraud, or ethics violations, and it encourages staff to report possible fraud by Port Authority staff or by those doing business with the Port Authority.

Security Inspections Program

In 2008, the OIG established a new unit to test the various security systems and programs at the Port Authority's facilities and to investigate security lapses in those systems or programs.

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