Elevator & Escalator Safety

Photo of an PATH escalator

When using escalators or elevators, be careful and safe to avoid accidents.

Respect the Elevator

  • Keep hands and feet out of closing doors.
  • Take care with loose clothing.

Respect the Escalator

  • Hold the handrail.
  • Face forward. Do not ride backwards.
  • Take care with loose clothes and foam footwear.
  • If you wear bifocals, make sure to focus before stepping on the escalator.
  • The center of the step is safest. Stay away from the sides.
  • No strollers, luggage carts, or hand trucks on the escalator.
  • Do not run on the escalator.
  • Do not ride the escalator with bare feet.
  • Do not ride the escalator with untied laces.
  • Do not stop at the top of the escalator. Keep moving when you reach the top of the escalator, as there are others behind you.

Visit our Elevator & Escalator Status page so you may plan accordingly.

For the current status of any elevator or escalator on PATH, please call

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