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Power Substation Upgrades

Grove Street Station

A critical component of PATH operation is the DC traction power required to operate the train, provided through a series of substations and switching stations located throughout the system. New upgraded substations will provide output voltage to accommodate existing and future fleet voltage requirements.

The current power substation upgrades program includes the construction of two new substations, which began in 2017, in addition to the ongoing design for replacement of other critical components of PATH’s DC traction power system. In December 2017, the Port Authority Board of Commissioners approved $70.6 million for replacement and upgrade of PATH power substation No. 14, located at the railroad’s maintenance yard in Harrison. The authorization includes engineering and architectural costs for design and implementation. The existing substation was badly damaged in Superstorm Sandy.

Flood Mitigation

Latent damage due to salt-water intrusion throughout the entire PATH system will require remedial work to continue over the next several years. Power washing and cleaning of salt deposits, which accelerate the deterioration of many components throughout the PATH system, serve as a previous effort that helps keep the system resilient.    

Building a system more resilient to Sandy-type events will help prevent salt-water intrusion from permeating the PATH stations, therefore minimizing future damages and station down times. Over the next several years, starting in 2018, permanent resiliency measures will be installed throughout the PATH system. These measures include a seawall to protect tracks, in addition to permanent preventative measures, such as flood resiliency to protect vulnerable stations, specifically Hoboken, Exchange Place, Grove St, and Newport. 

Elevators & Escalators

Nearly 20 vertical transportation units sustained operational damage as a result of floodwaters from Superstorm Sandy. This includes three elevators and four escalators at Newport Station, three elevators and three escalators at Exchange Place Station, two escalators at Grove Street Station, one elevator at Hoboken Station, and three elevators at the Harrison Car Maintenance Facility (two passenger, one freight).

While some units have been repaired and put back into service, others were damaged to the extent that they require full replacement. The Hoboken Elevator, for example, required a complete rebuild and was returned to service on June 28, 2013.

In the coming months, work will continue on the elevators and escalators at Exchange Place and Newport stations. Soliciting for bids will open in 2018 and work is scheduled to begin in 2019. All units are scheduled to be replaced by 2022. 

Click here to visit our Elevator & Escalator Status page.

Track & Tunnel Maintenance

Restoration and replacement of track bed, ties, running rail, fouled ballast, and power/third rail has begun with support from the Federal Transit Administration, and will continue for the next two years. This work affects approximately two miles of direct fixation track, and nearly three miles of ballasted track in tunnels and open areas. Thousands of concrete ties are being replaced to assist in mitigation efforts, as well as to provide a smoother and quieter ride for passengers.

In addition, eighteen pumps in four separate tunnels are being rehabilitated or replaced due to continuous use during the emergency response phase that followed Superstorm Sandy's landfall.

In December 2017, the Port Authority Board of Commissioners approved $29.9 million for interlocking and track work at the Hoboken PATH station to repair extensive damage caused by Superstorm Sandy. Interlocking is a critical component for the operational flexibility and maneuvering of trains from two tunnel tracks to three station tracks in Hoboken. 

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