Winter Weather Plan


The Port of New York and New Jersey Prepared for the
Winter 2016-2017

With several weeks of winter behind us already, we’ve been lucky – mild temperatures and little precipitation.  The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s Winter Outlook indicates more precipitation in the Northeast, but not necessarily warmer (or cooler) temperatures as compared to the previous year. Whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us this winter, measures have been taken in the Port of New York and New Jersey to help minimize the potential impact.

The Port Authority of NY & NJ will continue to host planning conferences in advance of each predicted weather event. The terminal operators, trucking associations, labor, equipment providers and US Customs and Border Protection will all work together to develop a unified plan to address any weather related closings and to plan recovery efforts. Any changes in hours of operations (i.e. terminal closures, additional hours etc.) will be communicated as early as possible via the PortNYNJAlerts system at and on the homepage of the Terminal Information Portal System (TIPS) at so that truckers and importers/exporters can better plan future container receipt and delivery.

The following is a summary of actions that will be taken this winter:

Roadways & Terminals

The Port Authority will pre-treat the roadways with brine before driving conditions deteriorate.  This delays the buildup of snow and ice and allows the plows to stay on top of any accumulation.

The Port Authority and terminals have all worked to increase the amount of snow removal equipment and salt stockpiles on hand.

Terminal operators have developed plans to employ different yard strategies that make for easier and more efficient plowing and are working with labor to address changing operational demands based on the weather conditions at-hand.

Free Time & Per Diem

In the event that a joint decision is made for all container terminals to close for the entire day due to inclement weather:

The Terminal Operators will extend free time by 24 hours for all containers not already in demurrage.

OCEMA (Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association) has recommended to its Ocean Carrier members to extend free time by 24 hours for all containers not already in demurrage.

Intermodal Equipment Providers will waive per diem charges for the day of the port closure for all chassis on daily or pool usage agreements provided that they are returned to an authorized Stop Location within 24 hours of the closure. The above does not apply to chassis on term lease agreements.

Intermodal Rail Carriers

The rail carriers will continue to issue bulletins on their service level. You can sign up to receive service alerts on the individual railroad websites.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

CBP has a continuity of trade plan in place for weather related emergencies.  The 24-hour supervisor can be reached at 201-443-0300.

Thru February 2017, CBP and the CES operators will provide extended hours of service to accommodate the peak season associated with cold treated / perishable imports.

How Can You Help

Trucking companies, importers and exporters, NVOCC’s and other service providers are encouraged to:

  1. verify both chassis and container availability before dispatching a driver to the port;
  2. ensure that all charges have been paid and releases are in place;
  3. confirm export receiving and cut off times;
  4. utilize all available hours at the container terminals to conduct your transaction;
  5. make use of TIPS ( to help optimize your visit to the port, and;
  6. review the Truckers’ Resource Guide for procedures, Frequently Asked Questions and ways to avoid the Trouble Window

Drivers should be reminded to remove all snow/ice accumulation from the tops of containers before coming to the port. It is against the law in many states to operate on a public road with snow/ice on your vehicle.  It could also delay your time at the terminals if the cargo handling equipment is unable to securely connect to the container.

Your compliance will increase efficiencies for everyone involved at the port, and the port community thanks you in advance for doing so.

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