The new World Trade Center is designed to the highest environmental, safety and security standards.   

Throughout the planning and construction process, every possible step has been taken to assess the potential impact of the new structures at the WTC (including the Freedom Tower, the Transportation Hub, permanent PATH station and other structures) on the environment, on surrounding communities and potentially historic sites, and on the long-term security of the WTC. 

The Port Authority is committed to keeping the public fully informed of these findings and to working closely with all relevant agencies and commissions to ensure full compliance with all relevant federal, state and local regulations. 

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World Trade Center. 


Safety and Security Features

  • Hired WTC Site Safety Director in February 2008.
  • Require all workers to receive training before receiving
    onsite credential.
  • Developed comprehensive crane safety program.
  • Regular meetings among contractors to discuss site
    safety issues.

Green Construction Facts

  • Recycled content building materials, including
    sustainably-harvested wood.
  • Construction debris recycled.
  • Construction vehicles use ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels and
    particulate filters.


WTC Transportation Hub

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WTC Vehicle Security Center

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WTC site layout

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